New WispAir AHUs from Weatherite


10 April 2018
Weatherite says it has responded to industry requirements with the launch of its new WispAir range of air handling units.
Sales Director Steve Cartledge said: “Lead times are getting shorter and there will always be increasing pressure on costs. The challenge for us was to design, build and deliver, quality, energy efficient, fully compliant AHU’s that meet the client’s exact requirements-within the shortest possible time- and at the right price.
"We’ve done our homework and have spent some considerable time developing our quotation software and manufacturing systems and we know we can compete in this market-having won a number of major orders recently.
“Exceptional efficiency is also key to delivering the best AHUs and Weatherite has applied this principle to every stage of the process from quotation to production and ultimately to the energy consumption of the finished product.''
The WispAir range covers typical air flow rates from 0.3m3/s to 35m3/s and Weatherite can deliver AHUs in any specific size/configuration.
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