New Trane chiller for data centres


20 October 2021

Trane is launching its new R1234ze chillers for high temperature data centre applications.  

The upgraded Sintesis eXcellent GVAF chillers feature new magnetic bearing centrifugal compressors optimised for handling high water temperatures typical for data centres and can efficiently operate throughout the year. The latest Trane Symbio 800 adaptive controller gives the data centre operators intelligent control over the operational reliability and efficiency of the cooling system.

Erik van Oossanen, portfolio manager at Trane Europe, said: “Today’s data centres are evolving quickly to keep up with the growing demand to handle more and more critical data every day. The need to keep the data centres operational at all times remains the primary challenge for their owners and operators.

“For years Trane has worked closely with the data centres helping them to handle the heat loads associated with computational processes. Today we’re making another step forward, introducing chillers that embrace the latest technology innovations to better handle the specific and growing cooling needs of data centres.

"The new Sintesis eXcellent GVAF units create efficient cooling infrastructure driven by intelligent chiller plant controls to keep the data centres running. The ability to intelligently manage the data centre’s entire cooling system in the challenging environment and high temperature conditions is critical. With Symbio 800 we optimise the operations of the chiller and its elements like fans, compressors etc., and with Trane’s System Controllers we can efficiently control the entire chiller plant of multiple chillers operating in the same time.

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"This gives the data centres the peace of mind that the dynamics of temperatures and flows are monitored and addressed, performance is optimized and chances for malfunctions of the cooling system are minimal.”

The Trane Rapid Restart setting reduces the time needed to reach the full capacity after shutdown. It also features an automated transfer switch allowing to connect the unit to two power sources. The unit will detect any power supply cut off and automatically switch to the auxiliary source ensuring continuous operations.

The new Sintesis eXcellent GVAF includes an upgraded free cooling system tuned to the rising temperatures of the modern data centres. This allows data centres to more efficiently combine free cooling with mechanical fan operation to optimize the energy consumption of the system.

It also features a reduced footprint, three different pressure levels for hydraulic modules and various water connections options.