New modular counters from Fri-Jado


29 September 2020
Chilled modular unit from Fri-Jado UK

Fri-Jado UK has launched a new range of modular counters, designed for supermarket, convenience store, QSR and food-to-go operations.

The counters feature an innovative shelf design that increases the visibility of merchandise for maximum effect, promoting impulse purchases. Serve assisted or self-service counters are available in three widths with three-tier display, adjustable as horizontal or sloping. Modules may be supplied as chilled, hot or ambient units, which are easily multiplexed to form in-line counter configurations for cross merchandising. Triple glazed side panes provide excellent insulation and prevent heat transfer between each counter.

Chilled models incorporate Fri-Jado’s patent pending OmniCold low velocity air flow refrigeration system, which works by blanketing the food on display from all sides. This is said to help deliver accurate holding temperatures, reduced energy consumption and the maintenance of optimum food quality and safety over extended periods. The chilled counters have been designed to operate efficiently with a wide range of energy efficient, future-proof refrigerants with low global warming potential (GWP), including R744/CO2, R455A and glycol for remote systems and R1234yf for integral systems. Natural hydrocarbon, which is a non-toxic refrigerant, with zero ozone depleting properties and a minimal GWP, is offered as an option. Demand for hydrocarbon as a refrigerant has grown, amongst forward thinking food retailers, due to is green characteristics.

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Hot versions of the counters benefit from Fri-Jado’s patented hot blanket holding system, air curtain technology and hot air recycling, which deliver energy savings of some 20%. 

Fri-Jado has also addressed life cycle cost of ownership and sustainability in the development of the products. They offer benefits in terms of reusability and recyclability, reducing the depletion of the planet’s precious raw materials. The high build quality and durable components used in the construction of the counters is said to ensure that they have a longer operational life than competitive models.