New look and new gels from Advanced


24 February 2020
The new AdvancedGel range The new AdvancedGel range

Chemicals specialist Advanced Engineering has revealed new branding and a new range of concentrated cleaning gels.

The AdvancedGel range can be mixed with water on site by engineers to create 8 litres of final product and the compact pouches take up less van space. Advanced says the benefits to wholesalers include next day delivery by any courier and a significant reduction in shelf space.

The range includes Universal Coil Cleaner, Evaporator Cleaner & Disinfectant, Condensate Drain Unblocker, Condenser Cleaner and Ice Machine Cleaner.

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UK Sales Director Scott Davies said: “In a recent survey, engineers told us how valuable van space is to them and this new range solves the space issue whilst maintaining the excellent performance our customers have come to expect.”

Kajally Jobe, Head of Research and Development at Advanced, said: “We wanted to create a product which supported us on the journey to reduce our environmental impact, as well as making life easier for the engineer. Adding either hot or cold water to the gels on site guarantees that the active ingredients are optimally dosed, while still providing the same strong cleaning power as their counterpart concentrate product and reducing lifetime costs.”

Advanced became part of the Aspen Pumps Group in 2018 and Group Marketing Director Kelly Butler said: “The Advanced rebrand is testament to the continued investment that Aspen wants to make in the chemicals category. This comes at an exciting time for Advanced, with new product introductions planned and a programme to extend our global reach.’’