New HVAC meter from PCE Instruments


25 November 2019
For the installation and maintenance of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, PCE Instruments have added the PCE-HVAC 4 differential pressure and temperature meter to their range of products.

The HVAC meter can simultaneously measure the differential pressure, differential temperature and environmental temperature via clamps, thermocouples and an internal NTC sensor. It stands out by its wide pressure measurement range of -0.96 ... +34.47 bar.

The PCE-HVAC 4 is only one of many meters available at PCE Instruments which are used by HVAC technicians for the maintenance of HVAC(R) installations.

For further information on PCE Instruments’ HVAC meters, including the PCE-HVAC 4, visit the website or contact:
+44 ( 0 ) 2380 98703 0

[email protected]
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