Multi-room option from one indoor unit


27 November 2018
air conditioning ducted residential light commercial
Bedfordshire-based air conditioning specialist Climate By Design (CBD) says the Easyzone system from Daikin is proving a useful addition to the options it can offer to residential and light commercial customers.

The ducted Easyzone system requires a compatible outdoor unit and a single indoor unit, and can provide cooling and heating for up to eight zones.
air conditioning ducted residential light commercial
The indoor unit for the multi-room single-split system can be located in the loft and feeds air into the different zones through grilles, with the temperature individually controlled by changing the supplied air volume through the use of dampers and room thermostats.

Mick Blunden of CBD says the requirement for a single indoor unit is reflected in significantly lower installation costs. He said: “On a three bedroom project we sized for a client recently, the Easyzone system worked out at over a third cheaper compared with having each room individually air conditioned with slim-ducted systems - and with far less equipment in the loft too.

“We have found it to be more beneficial for properties of three bedrooms and above, and there does need to be some space in the loft. It is a really useful option and the feedback has been very positive.’’

Aimed at residential and light commercial applications, CBD says Easyzone is suitable for new and refurbishment projects. Set point adjustment is in 0.5degC increments and inverter control provides maximum energy efficiency throughout the year.

Climate By Design installs and services split systems and server room air conditioning, along with walk-in fridges, cellar coolers and ventilation.
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