Motor enclosures for AHU fans


23 April 2018
A centrifugal fan with EC motor outside the airflow has been developed by ebm-papst for air handling units in commercial kitchens.

Fans for this application need to be easily accessible and easy to clean. At the same time, they have to regulate the humidity and temperature in the rooms.
The company has modified its RadiPac series of EC centrifugal fans, removing the motor and control electronics from the air flow, effectively preventing the build-up of greasy or oily deposits. The under-pressure prevailing around the fan’s intake causes cool outside air to be drawn in through a hose to cool the EC motor so that the fan and the control unit can reach their full output.

The fans, is sizes 400, 450 and 560, offer plug & play connection and an intake nozzle prepared for installation on the outer wall.
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