Monier launches self-adhesive HVAC pipe wrap


25 February 2016
WRAPTEC from Monier is a universal, self-adhesive cladding and jacketing material used to weatherproof HVAC pipes, ducting and insulation.

Its backing welds to the facing on laps giving a watertight bond which withstands the harshest weather conditions. With no need for primer, adhesive, sealant or heat activation, it is a quick and cost-effective means of preventing corrosion under insulation (CUI) at the duct pipe and ideal for detailing work and irregular surfaces. WRAPTEC can be cut by scissors and stretched up to 50% in either direction without loss of functionality. 

Rolls are available in 4 sizes from 70 to 560mm.

For further information on how WRAPTEC can benefit your business contact,
 Mike Barsby 
 Mobile 07702 952087
 [email protected]

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