Mitsubishi Electric adds new inverter driven chillers


21 January 2019
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The new i-NX range
Mitsubishi Electric has added two new chillers to its Climaveneta offering. The new i-NX air-cooled range is offered in both standard and low noise options, whilst the smaller i-BX air-cooled chiller range is available in both single and three phase variants, making both ranges suitablefor a wide variety of comfort and process cooling applications.
The new models employ inverter driven compressors which ensures maximum efficiency at partial loads. Very few chillers are likely to operate at maximum capacity for more than a few hours a year, so efficiency at partial loads is a major factor in overall efficiency levels.
The i-BX range offers capacities from 4kW to 35kW to deliver flexible and reliable units that adapt to the most diverse load conditions, whilst offering accurate temperature control and high levels of energy efficiency both at full and partial loads. All of the hydraulic components for installation are also already included within the outdoor unit reducing added cost.
For larger applications, the new i-NX delivers capacities from 43kW to 129kW to offer exceptionally high levels of energy efficiency whether at partial or full load.  These models incorporate a fixed speed scroll compressor and a scroll inverter compressor working together in the same circuit, to offer much greater levels of efficiency than traditional fixed speed compressors systems.
The i-NX low noise version delivers a reduction of up to 7dBA over the standard models, increasing the flexibility of where systems can be installed, which is becoming a major factor in today’s congested urban environments.
Richard Venga, senior product manager at Mitsubishi Electric, said: Since our acquisition of Climaveneta, we have combined our market leading product development with their expertise and knowledge of the sector to deliver increasingly energy efficient and diverse solutions to the chiller market.

“The market is rapidly recognising the added value, performance and efficiency levels that we are bringing out in new Climaveneta ranges and we are seeing growing interest in the solutions that we have brought and will continue to bring to the UK market.”
Both the i-NX and i-BX range are ERP compliant up to 2021.
The new ranges has a number of customisable options, including coil coatings, built-in pumps, heat recovery modules and BEMS connectivity.
For further information, visit the Mitsubishi Electric website.
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