Mirai Intex Launches 'Air as Refrigerant' HVACR Systems


07 November 2016
Mirai Climate
Mirai Climate
​Swiss firm, Mirai Intex, revealed new heating and cooling systems at Chillventa which use air as the refrigerant. The company showed two products aimed at the heating, ventilation and air conditioning, and refrigeration markets at the show. 
​Neither of the systems any refrigerants, such as Freons or ammonia; they only use air as the refrigerant. The products use an 'air-cycle' system. And, they use 'super-precision' ball bearings which decrease the friction so much that there is no need for oil to lubricate them. The company says this also means the unit are very low maintenance and cheaper to run. 
The 'MIRAI Climate' system comes in two models, namely the 2500 and 5000 units. The units don't need big, external sources of heat or cold, such as condensers or chillers. The units can be used for heating, cooling and ventilation. Mirai Intex says they can cut the cost of air conditioning a premises by 2 to 3 times because of their efficiency and high speed output.
MIRAI operation-principle
The firm says their systems are ideal for buildings such as theatres, concert halls or restaurants, for example. Public buildings, such as schools and gyms, will be able to use them. The units don't recycle air which makes them ideal for hospitals, clean rooms or clinics too.

The MIRAI COLD refrigeration unit has a temperature range of between minus 40 degrees C and minus 80 degrees C. This makes it ideal for cold rooms in the food or biomedical industries.

The control interface is intuitive, and the 'Mirai Climate' control unit is accessible via an iPhone, iPad or Android app.

Find out more here: www.mirai-intex.ch
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