Midea UK & Ireland Launch Three Pipe Heat Recovery VRF With Zonal Leak Detection


02 February 2021

Midea has expanded its VRF product range by introducing what it claims to be the industry's first three pipe Heat Recovery VRF with zonal leak detection.


Available from 8HP to 54HP the V6R range detects real-time refrigerant leakage. The system will only isolate the corresponding Mode Switch Box zone that detects a refrigerant leak and non-affected zones will continue to operate safely. The zone isolation also reduces the risk of system refrigerant loss whilst limiting any potential threat to room occupants.


The new VRF range can connect with up to 64 indoor units and heat exchanger combinations.  Operating simultaneously in both cooling and heating modes meets the different requirements for each space. It maximises the system's efficiency by reusing the energy rejected from the system in single mode operation.


The system can be designed with piping lengths of up to 1000m, height differences of 110m between outdoor and indoor, and up to 30m height difference between indoor units.  MS boxes are supplied with between 4 and 12 indoor unit connection ports, and up to 5 indoor units can be connected to a single port, creating a single zone to operate in one mode.

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A Midea high temperature hydro module will generate hot water between 25oC and 80oC when connected to the system and used for underfloor heating, or domestic hot water.


Connection to third party devices such as direct expansion coils in air handling units is possible either independently or in conjunction with other types of indoor units.


Steven Robinson, General Manager of Midea UK & Ireland, said: "I'm delighted that Midea has developed a sustainable solution for larger HVAC applications - the industry's first three pipe Heat Recovery VRF - which offers zonal isolation in the event of a refrigerant leak. Preventing larger volumes of refrigerant escaping into the atmosphere not only protects the environment but also ensures the safety of room occupants. An additional benefit of this technology is allowing all other unaffected zones to run without fault whilst a less costly repair is carried out."


Midea's V6R range is available now www.mideauk.co.uk