Midea launches BreezeleSS+ RoundFlow cassette


29 July 2021

Combining innovation with elegant design, Midea has introduced the new BreezeleSS+ RoundFlow cassette to its split systems range. 

The launch of the BreezeleSS+ cassette, with 360° airflow, follows the success of the BreezeleSS+ wall mounted series and uses the same innovative technology to soften the airflow. The airflow is softened into thousands of tiny particles of cool air by 10,800 hourglass-shaped micro holes, eliminating the feeling of cold drafts.  

The new BreezeleSS+ range is designed for comfort and includes ‘Follow Me’ sensitive cooling which measures the temperature around the user and adjusts comfort levels accordingly. The ‘independent vane control’ feature gives the flexibility to set the direction of each vane at different angles, allowing the airflow to be customised depending on where it is needed the most.

Additional flexibility and optimum comfort can be achieved via various modes tailored to each unique user’s preference; Air Blast, Gentle Flow or Power Breezeless mode.

The super slim BreezeleSS+ cassettes have low heights starting from just 205mm, allowing for easy installation in shallow ceilings. Other handy installation and maintenance features include built-in LED display for easy troubleshooting and system information, externally mounted built-in drain pump with vertical exhaust system and 1000mm lift, dedicated water collection tray and anti-corrosion metal electrical box with easy access cover. The units optional Wi-Fi interface with remote monitoring has a new optimised design for easy and discrete installation and will allow users to set the temperature at the touch of a button.     

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Midea’s BreezeleSS+ cassettes and systems across the entire LCAC split range can cool down to 16°C to deliver optimum comfort levels.  A hard-wired multifunctional controller (with built in 7-day timer) is supplied as standard, allowing control of multiple units simultaneously. A stylish infra-red remote controller is available as an optional extra. All units can be controlled via the Midea Air App and can be used with Alexa and Google Play voice commands. Wiring across the range is effortless with 4 core interconnection cables used for both power and communication.  
Updated models for Q3 2021 also include RAC consoles, LCAC compact cassettes, ceiling & floor-mounted, ducted units - in addition to the introduction of the new, stylish Vertu Plus wall mounted units.

Completing the Midea split systems line up is a series of new outdoor condensing units. They offer greater installation flexibility with a maximum refrigerant piping length increased up to 75m and a maximum height difference between indoor and outdoor unit of 30m. Midea UK’s responsible approach to refrigerant usage continues via their unique refrigerant contribution scheme, contributions are paid at £25kg up to every split system’s maximum piping length.  

Midea’s BreezeleSS+ RoundFlow cassette and the full split systems range is available now with up to a 10-year warranty.

Midea UK