Micron atomisers launched


10 September 2019
adiabatic cooling humidification rotary atomiser spray hvac
The Micromiser can produce spray rates of up to 18 litres per hour
Micron Sprayers has extended its range with new products aimed at adiabatic cooling and humidification.

The company was launched 60 years ago and has traditionally produced rotary atomisers for agriculture, forestry, public and animal health spray applications.
Two new models with brushless technology  are available, a larger direct drive unit with flow capacities of up to 180 litres per hour and the more compact Micromiser unit which can provide spray rates of up to 18 litres per hour. Each atomiser produces a fine mist of droplets said to be ideal for mounting as integrated parts of AHUs or directly in-room as a low energy humidification and cooling solution. There are also possibilities to build the units into other custom humidification and cooling solutions.
Micron says the rotary atomisers offer efficient evaporative cooling and humidity management with minimal water volumes significantly reducing energy costs compared to thermal, pneumatic or hydraulic energy systems.

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