Martindale extends digital range


23 January 2018
digital thermometer hvac
Martindale Electric has added two new hand-held digital thermometers to its range.

The company says the DT173 single input and DT175 dual input K Type digital thermometers provide users with a range of enhanced features to meet the latest demands for temperature measurement in industrial, commercial and public premises.
‚ÄčSupplied with bead thermocouples as standard the new thermometers are also compatible with the full range of Martindale K Type probes including air, penetration, clamp and surface probes, ensuring simple measurement solutions for every application.

The new thermometers are supplied in a tough holster with built-in stand while the backlit display has large digits for easy viewing in all environments.

Both models can be used to record minimum, maximum and average values to identify extremes of temperature and a hold function to freeze the displayed value. Readings can be displayed in either Centigrade of Fahrenheit.
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