Making noise about the Whisper


31 August 2016
Javac Whisper leak detector
The Javac Whisper is one of the most versatile hand held leak detectors on the market today. It works by locating sources of ultrasonic disturbance through the use of sophisticated ultrasonic/electronic circuitry.

An ultrasonic disturbance is created when objects collide; this disturbance is caused by friction.

Leaks create collisions between molecules entering or exiting an orifice, so regardless of vacuum, refrigerant, or nitrogen pressure testing, we have a good chance of locating them.

The unit is sensitive to ultrasound (40.5 kHz) and is unaffected by audible noise. This allows it to be used in noisy environments, such as plant rooms and when systems are running. The Whisper has sensitivity adjustment, which decreases background interference through (INC) internal noise control, allowing it to pick up the strongest and closest signals.
The Whisper is battery operated and supplied with a rubber extension hose and standard ear phones for use in noisy areas. To get the best from the unit requires a little practice, but adhering to the instructions will produce excellent results.

Initially the unit should be passed across a suspected leak in a slow crossways action. If the ticking increases, indicating a possible disturbance, reduce the sensitivity until the rate returns to normal. Then move closer until the rate increase again. Very quickly the leak can be pinpointed.

In noisy environments, or if it’s suspected that external noise frequency is affecting the detection process, the hose wand can be fitted. This narrows down the angle of detection but this isn’t a problem, provided we have a good idea of where the leak may be located, such as a pipe braze or compression fitting.

Applications are not confined to refrigerants; it is safe to use with all gasses and liquids and is especially useful for detecting leakage in ventilation ducting, bearing noise, internal valve leakages, solenoid operations and electrical arcing. For instance a fan motor can be checked for wear whilst running. Any noise from air movement through the blades can be tuned out, allowing the Whisper to pick up the high frequency caused by a rough running bearing.
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