Lowering the cost of high ceilings


14 June 2017
Zoo Fans Elta Fans destratification energy saving thermal energy temperature control cooling
ZOO Fans, in partnership with Elta Fans, has announced a destratification solution aimed at creating even temperatures from floor to ceiling, making it easier and more efficient to heat or cool almost any building.

With destratification recommended as one of the Carbon Trust’s effective energy-saving strategies, the ZOO Fan claims to lower the cost of buildings with high ceilings by improving air circulation and thermal comfort, while offering a typical payback period of one to three years.
​Creating a column of air that brings warm air down to floor level, the ZOO Fan destratifies the space and reduces the temperature differential to as low as 1 degree C overall. In doing so, HVAC systems can be used less often and the requirement for ducting is reduced, making a favourable impact on energy usage and the building’s carbon footprint. 

​Richard Johnston, National Business Development Manager at Elta Group Building Services, said: “The concept behind the ZOO Fan is that it uses reduced levels of energy, resulting in a need for fewer units than comparable destratification systems; lowering installation and operating costs. By running HVAC equipment less, it lasts longer, which in turn reduces costs and lowers the environmental impact of regular fan replacement.”
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