Low-temperature cleaning from Advanced Engineering


13 November 2017
Advanced Engineering has added a new product to its range for low-temperature cleaning.

FroZone is formulated to work at sub-zero temperatures to -25°C, enabling cleaning without waiting for the temperature to rise. This reduces the time necessary for cleaning, minimising downtime and disruption.
Sub-zero refrigerators and freezers use a lot of energy, so keeping them at optimal performance is incredibly important. Even a small drop in efficiency can noticeably increase energy usage.

Dirt and debris build-up on external heat transfers can increase the condensing temperature or reduce evaporating temperature by several degrees: adversely affecting freezer contents and increasing energy use by 10% or more. It can also cause health and safety issues including the contamination of produce from mould and mildew.

Advanced says the non-metal corrosive formula ensures it is safe to use on aluminium, stainless steel and copper surfaces - meaning it can be used to clean freezer heat exchanger surfaces with no risk of damage.

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