Linde to launch internet connected refrigerant cylinder valves


24 October 2016
​Linde Gases is launching a new series of digital gas cylinder products which will help engineers get live data including location, gas type and more. 
​​The EVOS DCi valve transmits live data to the internet which engineers can access through a web connected laptop or smartphone. The valve is capable of transferring information on gas volume, cylinder location, gas use rate and cylinder temperatures. 

The valve will make it much easier for engineers to trace and monitor their refrigerant inventory. The company says that it is planning to include new features to let engineers know if a cylinder has fallen over or been dropped. 
Linde put its EVOS valves onto the market in 2015 which significantly improved the productivity of engineers and their companies. The valves have several safety and handling features. The valves can operate at 300 bar working pressure too. 

The company is showing the new valves at Euroblech in Germany this week. 
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