LG launches Therma V R32 Split


18 July 2019
LG Electronics has added an R32 split to its Therma V air to water heat pump systems.

Aimed at the new and housing renovation markets, the Therma V R32 Split is described by LG as a versatile solution that can deliver effective space heating and hot water supply, with an advanced compressor helping it to achieve the most powerful heating performance yet from a Therma V product.
The R1 is said to be the world's first ‘shaft-through’ hybrid scroll-shaped compressor and LG says its technology eliminates the tilting motion of the scroll, minimizing energy waste and increasing overall reliability. It adds that the compressor makes the Therma V R32 Split quieter and more durable, and also enhances heating performance, ensuring reliable operation at a low ambient temperature of -25°C​.

The Therma V Split boasts a Seasonal Coefficient of Performance (SCOP) of 4.65 in heating operation and an Energy-related Product (ErP) rating of A+++ dependent on a return water temperature of 35°C. It has 100% capacity at temperatures down to -7°C​.

The SmartThinQ smartphone app enables remote control and monitoring, allowing users to select or change mode, set the temperature, monitor energy consumption, or even ‘pre-heat’ a room.
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