LG launches new water-source VRF systems


16 November 2022

LG has introduced a new range of water source VRF systems – Multi V Water 5 – which are interchangeable between heat pump and heat recovery installation.

The units have a capacity between 22.4kW and 168kW and an allowable system pipe length of up to 500 metres for flexible installation. The same model can be installed as either a heat pump or a heat recovery system, depending on the design of the system.

With a heat pump system all indoor units operate in the same mode – either cooling or heating, but not at the same time. With a heat recovery system, the indoor units can be heating in certain areas whilst cooling in others simultaneously. The energy recovered from the indoor units operating in cooling mode can be transferred to other units operating in heating mode and vice versa.

LG says the the Multi V Water 5 products have a number of advantages, including a wider range capacity, higher efficiency for the same capacity, lower weight, longer installation pipe lengths and a smaller footprint. The product is equipped with LG’s 5th generation inverter scroll compressor which has a frequency range of 20 Hz-150 Hz.

The new units can be integrated with Building Management Systems (BMS), using data communication protocols to integrate the different elements of the building services into the building’s automatic control network, using BACnet, Modbus and LonWorks.

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LG’s central controllers – its ACP5 and AC Smart 5 – have built-in BACnet and Modbus connections and can interface directly with BMS that supports these protocols. In addition LG’s products also support LonWorks and KNX gateways, providing a number of options for the design consultants to choose from.

The units also come with LG Monitoring View (LGMV) – a troubleshooting and diagnosis tool for LG air conditioning systems. These help maintenance engineers to monitor operation and the connection ports are already built into all outdoor and compatible indoor units for the Multi V Water 5 VRF systems.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer these new units here in the UK,” says LG’s Hong Cheng. “They are valuable additions to the range of equipment available to designers and engineers.”