LG launches  'hidden'  VRF


13 June 2018
LG Electronics has launched a split compressor and heat exchanger unit for indoor installation. 

The manufacturer describes Multi V M as a hidden VRF system for complete indoor installation and says it offers significant benefits, including increased freedom of design, easier maintenance and lower noise when compared to an integrated installation.
It is aimed at any installation where it is difficult to find roof space for the external units or, for example, a first floor building with restrictions on external units being mounted on the walls.

Multi V M offers flexible installation options combined with quiet operation and high efficiency with an EER of 3.40. The combined unit provides a rated capacity of 14kW for heating and 14kW for cooling and it can be connected to 10 different types and capacity of indoor units.

The split unit allows the compressor  to be installed anywhere indoors and the heat exchanger is usually installed in a ceiling void with both inlet and outlet ducted to outside air. Alternatively, just one side can be ducted to outside, allowing for a more flexible installation. Installation costs are said to be lower because of short piping lengths and the subsequent shorter installation times with minimal capacity losses.

The Multi V M features an LG designed and manufactured inverter compressor, with smart load control and wide louvre plus fins, delivering high efficiency. Smart load control is a feature that automatically controls the refrigerant temperature according to the outside ambient temperature. The wide louvre plus fin technology increases efficiency and heating performance compared to conventional fins.

The new type scroll compressor is a new concept for this kind of equipment. A conventional scroll compressor offers high efficiency, low vibration and low noise, a wide operating range up to 160Hz – and makes it possible to operate in a cold area. A rotary compressor offers a simple structure and lower cost, but has a lower operating range – 85Hz – and cannot operate in a cold area.

The ‘Scroll + Rotary’  structure offers the benefits of both types of compressor in one: high efficiency  with seasonal efficiency improvements, low noise at high speed, and a wider operating range, between 15 and 150Hz. Seasonal energy efficiencies offer a SEER of 7.1% improvement in heating and cooling improvements of 11.5% compared to rotary compressors.

Other benefits are said to be the Multi V M's ability to allow flexible piping design, with a maximum distance between compressor module and heat exchanger module of 30 metres. The maximum distance between the indoor modules and the compressor can be up to 70 metres.

Visit partner.lge.com/uk or email [email protected]
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