LG hydro kit for domestic hot water


27 July 2021

LG has launched a new wall-mounted hydro kit for the production of hot water in domestic and small commercial/retail/office applications.

The indoor unit can connect to LG Multi V VRF systems – Multi V 5 and Multi V M, Multi VS and the R32 Multi VS Compact units. It utilises wasted heat from cooling and transfers this to the hydro kit for the production of hot water. It comes with a water flow temperature for heating of a maximum of 50°C and cooling temperature of a minimum of 5°C.

The hydro kit comes in a range of sizes from 5.5 kW-9 kW and is compatible with low GWP R32 refrigerant, incorporating integrated water side components to reduce installation time and cost, and offers significant space saving benefits and easy maintenance. 

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The kit can be used with the heating priority function that provides initial cost saving and user convenience. Also, domestic hot water is always available, even during the cooling season without manual mode changes.

The intuitive user interface is easy and quick to use and users can set schedules based on their lifestyles. Daily or monthly power consumption monitoring allows for efficient energy management. Users of LG’s ThinQ app can control the cooling remotely.