LG adds inverter scroll chillers to UK line-up


14 September 2017
inverter scroll chiller leeds lg uk
LG's Andrew Slater at Thorpe Park Hotel
LG has showcased the first UK installation of its new range of air-cooled inverter scroll chillers.

The new heat pump and cooling only options are available in 60kW, 123kW and 185kW (cooling capacity) models, with four 123kW units retrofitted at the Thorpe Park Hotel and Spa in Leeds.
inverter scroll chiller leeds lg uk
inverter scroll chiller leeds lg uk
inverter scroll chiller leeds lg uk
The low-noise (68dBA) range offers EER of 2.65, ESEER of 4.79 and COP of 3.2 from a footprint area of 4.9m2, making it suitable for installations where space is restricted.

Common structure
Andrew Slater, Technical Research and Development Senior Manager at LG UK, said: “The introduction of air source inverter scroll chillers equipped with our quality proven VRF technologies, complements our current product line-up. Moving industry-leading seasonal efficiencies into a variety of applications has never been easier.  With a common structure of control logic and both electrical and mechanical components, we have made the transition for service and design engineers currently working with our air conditioning products to our new chiller range a simple process.”

LG says its inverter scroll compressor boasts higher energy efficiency in overall operation range, especially in part-load, reducing costs for the end user. The compressors include LG’s own HiPOR technology (High Pressure Oil Return) and vapour injection compressor return. The system is designed to cut compressor energy wastage, providing savings and an operating range of 15-125Hz.

The range also features LG’s Ocean Black Fin anti-corrosion coating, which consists of a black epoxy resin, providing the resistance, and a hydrophilic coating to minimise the accumulation of moisture.

The modular means the system can be easily extended. A single unit of 185kW can be added up to a maximum of 925kW operating from one controller, or a combination of 10 units from a centralised control.

Continuous heating
The 5” touch controller can be installed at a distance of up to 500m from the chiller if needed and one controller can be used to control up to 5 units of chillers. A maximum of 10 chillers can be controlled remotely by the central controller and direct BMS communication, up to 1,850kW.

Continuous heating minimises the decrease of water outlet temperature during defrosting for multi circuit models. The back-up operating system helps the entire system to continue to operate by removing compressors or system circuits from operations until repair or diagnosis is complete.

Andrew Slater added: “A lot of the technology and controls logic is already tried and tested in our VRF products. Transferring this across makes it easier for engineers to install, maintain and service the new chiller range.’’

For more information, visit partner.lge.com/uk or email LG at [email protected].
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