LG adds AirCare Complete


07 September 2022

LG Electronics has recently introduced new anti-bacterial technology to its residential air conditioning line-up. The units feature LG’s AirCare Complete system - which combines air filtration with new UV Nano technology. 

LG DUALCOOL Deluxe and ARTCOOL Mirror are equipped with the new technology, which ensures that air passing through the air conditioning units is clean and keeps the fan 99.99% bacteria free with ultraviolet light. The UV ray emitting LEDs are placed underneath the fan and directly damage the DNA of micro-organisms by rupturing their DNA, making it impossible for them to multiply. 

Equipped with LG’s advanced DUAL Inverter Compressor, these air conditioners can solve noise problems and maintain the desired temperature, resulting in overall energy-saving, along with longer-lasting and efficient cooling. The compressors are designed with a superior build quality and achieve faster cooling with wider rotational frequency compared to standard AC models. The combination of highly efficient compressors and reversing valves is said to result in powerful performance while minimising energy consumption.

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Users can check energy use directly with LG’s Energy Display. This function monitors and displays the amount of current and total energy used. Each model is also Wi-Fi compatible, working in conjunction with the LG ThinQ App. The integrated solution provides intuitive control, minimises energy consumption and tracks energy usage and expenditure. It provides improved energy efficiency by utilising a combination of analytics, sensors, and usage data. 

For example:
•    Smart Diagnosis: Start or stop LG air conditioner, change the mode, or set the temperature from anywhere
•    Integrated Home Appliances Control: Use simple voice commands via Google Assistant
•    Controlling & Monitoring: Stay up to date with any maintenance needs and monitor the unit’s power consumption to save energy

For more information on LG residential air conditioning options, visit partner.lge.com/uk or email [email protected].