Lennox launches updated rooftop range


14 March 2024

Lennox has launched the latest generation of its air-cooled rooftop units at Mostra Convegno in Milan. The Evio range is said to offer excellent flexibility, high seasonal efficiency, low CO2 footprint and intuitive control.

The modular all-in-one system comes with plug-and-play installation and is aimed at buildings such as shopping malls, food retail premises, restaurants, and logistics and storage facilities.
Modularity and flexibility

Lennox says that central to the Evio's advantages is the flexibility between airflow range and power capacity. Air flow configurations covering supply, return, exhaust and fresh air are available. The Evio offers improved supply air flow up to 49,500 m3/h. Further improvements include wider outdoor operating limits from -19°C to +48°C, and better thermal and acoustic insulation via a 50 mm thick double-skin panel of injected PU foam.
Seasonal efficiency exceeds Ecodesign Directive requirements

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With ⴄsH up to 168% and ⴄsC up to 207%, the Evio rooftop systems exceed the seasonal efficiency requirements (SCOP 125%/ SEER 138%) of the Ecodesign Directive. Lennox says a further benefit is energy-efficiency, driven by several advances that include a new electronic expansion valve, a multi-scroll tandem compressor and  full EC fan motor technology for variable airflow control. As a result, the system offers seasonal efficiencies in both cooling and heating (up to A+). For cooling, a new hydrophilic coil helps ensure an impressive 27% rise in SEER (average across the range) compared with the existing Lennox eBaltic rooftop system, while for heating SCOP is up 18%. 

Reduced CO2 footprint

This reduced energy consumption contributes to low CO2 footprint, with further support coming from the use of R32 refrigerant. In combination, Lennox EMEA proprietary coil technology and R32 refrigerant means the new rooftop range has a very limited CO2 footprint, with validation provided by environmental protection organisation PEP Eco passport. 
Intuitive control

The Evio features a modern user interface for total control of the building’s climate. Newly available options for the eCLIMATIC controller include an attractive 7” touchscreen multi-unit display and a service web HMI (human-machine interface) in support of easier commissioning and maintenance.
Available in improved cooling and heating capacities of 25-250 kW, the Evio comes in various circuit/coil concepts based on a different combination of compressors and indoor/outdoor fans to suit the application.