KSB launches horizontal Movitec pump


14 June 2017
KSB has extended its range of compact high-pressure Movitec pumps with a new horizontal version.

Rather than being arranged in line, the H(S)I suction nozzle and discharge nozzle are arranged at the 90-degree angle typical for process centrifugal pumps. The discharge nozzle can be arranged on the left, right or at the bottom, offering OEMs and plant engineering contractors more options. 

Designed for applications such as water distribution, water treatment, cooling water supply, boiler feed and pressure boosting, the new pumps will be available in five sizes with different numbers of stages. The maximum flow rate is 26 m3/h and the maximum discharge head is 195 metres. The fluid temperature lies between -20 °C and +140 ˚C. Ultra premium efficiency IE5 motors can be supplied on request.
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