JAVAC XTR-PRO-DV Dual Voltage Refrigerant Recovery Unit


01 July 2016
Xtr pro dual voltage recovery unit
Xtr pro dual voltage recovery unit
Designed in the UK, for the UK. JAVAC with over 40 years of manufacturing knowhow have launched the new XTR-PRO-DV, DUAL VOLTAGE recovery unit.

Listening to industry feedback, a reliable DUAL VOLTAGE recovery unit was in high demand to suit the commercial and industrial RAC engineer.

​​​The all new XTR-PRO-DV features our eighth generation of the bestselling refrigerant recovery technology based on the ever popular XTR-PRO which was previously only available as 110v and/or 240v.
The new DUAL VOLTAGE technology enables a quick and easy change between 110v to 240 volts on site via a quick selector switch.

An industry first “ X-CONNECT TECHNOLOGY” protects the XTR-PRO-DV’s vital components against incorrect voltages. E.g. 240 volts supply added when switched to 110 volts.

All engineers have the same issues, do you take a 240 volt or a 110 volt recovery unit with you or do you carry both. With more and more equipment being needed and an increase in new refrigerants the benefits of carrying only one machine for all voltage applications is a real winner.

Designed in a Black robust toughened blow moulded case the XTR-PRO-DV is built to withstand the high demands of a busy Refrigeration and Air conditioning engineer, and still offering industry leading performance.

Recover rates of 90 Kg/Hr liquid or 300 Kg/Hr Push-Pull the dual voltage machine ticks all the boxes.

The XTR-PRO-DV will be available at all leading wholesalers.

For more details on the XTR-PRO-DV please visit:
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