Javac Upgrades Brazing Torches


06 October 2016
​Javac has upgraded its brazing torches so they offer increased flame stability and intensity. They achieve this as a result of their now fully stainless steel nozzles. 
​The Javac Olympus body has a heavy-duty outer black case construction and easy-lock trigger switch to keep a constant flame. Engineers get an instant flame when they use the Piezo ignition trigger. The Olympus is compatible with standard CGA600 Thread MAPP Gas Cylinders.
The  new Javac Olympus Brazing TorchThe new Javac Olympus Brazing Torch
​The latest version is now fine-tuned with a sharper variable flame control which offers a more intense flame. Use the Olympus with MAPP and Propane gas.

Javac Fusion Dual brazing torchThe new Javac Fusion Dual brazing torch
​Javac has also introduced the Fusion Dual double barrel brazing torch. The Fusion Dual features a silver braze up to 3 inches, and soft solder up to 6 inches. You can use it with either MAPP or Propane. The double barrel flame enables users to reduce brazing time by up to 30%. 

​To compliment the new brazing torch range Javac also has the JAV-S2 Brazing rods available. The JAV-S2 is Javac's premium grade S2 self-fluxing solder copper-phosphorus alloy brazing rods. The JAV-S2 is made in the UK and is suitable for brazing copper-copper and high copper content alloys. The rods come in 1KG packs. 
Javac Welding Kit
The Javac Welding Kit
​The ever-popular Javac welding and brazing set for Oxygen and Acetylene is now a market leader in the HVAC/R industry. Its popularity comes from the quality of tooling which is all-enclosed in a handy toolbox with ample storage for every component, and all the extra required items.
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JAV-S2 Brazing Rods
JAV-S2 Brazing Rods
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