Interior installation — quick and with plenty of space


08 February 2016
Rittals Configuring enclosures
​High packing densities in enclosures and very short project times are just two of the challenges that switchgear manufacturers have to face today.

In order to meet these requirements, users need an enclosure system that offers a great deal of space and freedom for interior installation.
The TS 8 modular enclosure system from Rittal offers many well thought-out solutions that are not available elsewhere.

The TS 8 Assembly Benefits:
  • Two mounting levels lower the use of space by 15%
  • Optimum use of space between bayed enclosures by means of mounting plates and cable ducts
  • Side panels can be assembled quickly and by just one individual
  • The base system can be installed without using
    any tools

Further information at and, or on Twitter @rittal_ltd.
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