Indoor upgrade for nanoe X


06 December 2022

Panasonic Heating & Cooling Solutions has introduced its new VRF Mini Cassette with nanoe X Mark 3 Generator as standard, in six capacities ranging from 1.5-5.6kW.
It is Panasonic’s first indoor unit to integrate its upgraded nanoe X Mark 3 Generator, which produces 48 trillion hydroxyl radicals per second, 100x more than original nanoe. Hydroxyl radicals have the capacity to inhibit five types of pollutants, including certain viruses and bacteria, to clean and deodorise. 
The compact a VRF Mini Cassette requires a ceiling depth of only 250mm, and the exposed panel height is just 30mm. It features individual, customisable flap control with four motors, one for each flap, promising air distribution without direct airflow to reduce the feeling of cold draught. Additionally, the DC drain pump and float switch has been improved to reduce noise and increase efficiency.
The units have a variety of connectivity options including a centralised intelligent controller, Panasonic’s CONEX, Panasonic’s AC Smart Cloud and AC Service Cloud, and VRF Smart Connectivity+.

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