ICS Cool Energy extends i-Chiller line-up


24 May 2023

ICS Cool Energy is expanding its i-Chiller portfolio of chillers with new configurations featuring wide capacities and low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants. 

Dave Palmer, general manager for UK and Ireland at ICS Cool Energy, said: “Unlike other units on the market, the i-Chiller range has been designed with process applications in mind from the ground up. As such they can operate faultlessly and maintain accurate temperature control 24/7 under highly differing, and abruptly fluctuating operating conditions.

“Today, we are expanding our portfolio and taking another step in our journey to help customers reduce their impact on the environment. Introducing new units with the lowest GWP refrigerants available for these technologies, we give our customers more options to achieve increased productivity, high precision, and elevated product quality with highest environmental awareness.” 

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The new air-cooled models are:

For more information on ICS Cool Energy complete process temperature control solutions, visit www.icscoolenergy.com