iACS claims AHU controls standard


09 July 2020

iACS believes it has developed the most versatile AHU controls solution available with its iSmart system. 

Managing Director Stefano Lanzani said: “Due to the bespoke nature of most AHUs, it has been extremely difficult for companies to design and build suitable control systems for each unit without spending time redeveloping software, redesigning control panels and, ultimately, losing out. 

“Having worked with manufacturers for the last 20 years, we have managed to design a standard controls solution for AHUs. The flexible software we’ve built, along with the intelligent use of BMS protocol and the latest in HVAC controls technology, make this what we believe to be the most versatile control system on the market.”

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Based in London, iACS started in 2011 as a distributor for CAREL and Belimo parts. Having worked previously for CAREL, Lanzani saw the opportunity for developing a standard AHU control system.

Technical Director Adam Penfold, who previously worked for a large AHU manufacturer, said: “I’ve seen first-hand the savings which a standard control system can offer - not just in money but in days on site, time spent designing the wiring diagrams and writing out bespoke software.“