Humidity Solutions launches  in-duct humidification system


26 May 2017
humidification airtec hydrosens
Humidity Solutions has launched an in-duct high pressure adiabatic humidification system capable of modulating water flow in seven different combinations to deliver precise control in each space. 

The Airtec Hydrosens system can control up to three separate humidifier systems, in three different AHUs – each with different set-points – from a single pump. The system can be adapted to any size of air handling unit (AHU) or duct, making it both versatile and cost-effective.
Onboard Hydrosens software modulates water flow in seven stages, each representing 14% capacity, using with three operational valves representing 14%, 28% and 56% capacity to achieve adapted water flow in seven combinations. A frequency inverter pump operating at 50 bar provides finely atomised water mist through patented nozzles to achieve desired conditions with minimum use of water and power.

The system’s use of adiabatic humidification enables low energy cooling, requiring only 6W of electrical energy to generate 629W of cooling during the summer.

Hygiene conditions are maintained by the Hydrosens hygienic rinse system, which can be used in conjunction with a reverse osmosis system or ultra-violet steriliser.
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