Hot water unit transforms VRF


02 July 2019
Toshiba’s Super Heat Recovery Multi (SHRM-e) VRF system can now be used to produce hot water up to 82 degrees Celsius by adding a hot water module.

The unit transforms Toshiba’s award-winning three-pipe VRF air conditioning system into a highly efficient hot water generator suited use in hotels, gyms, restaurants, shops and offices. With a wide operating range from minus 25 to 40 degrees Celsius, the manufacturer says it can produce hot water year-round without impacting normal cooling and heating operation.
It uses a cascade heat exchanger to harness the output from SHRMe’s high performance heat pump, adding a second stage of compression to upgrade the energy to produce high temperature hot water via a refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger.

Neil Hitching, sales director of Toshiba, said: “By utilising heat that would otherwise be wasted, the SHRMe system saves energy, increases efficiency, and reduces the level of heat exhaust. Adding the hot water module is a highly effective way of producing low-cost hot water for use in many different applications overcoming the need for a separate boiler or electric water heater completely, or providing additional capacity to meet peak demand, for example in hotels.”

Toshiba adds that the energy costs for hot water production compared to a conventional electric immersion system are significantly cheaper. For example, heating 3000 litres of water from 15 degrees Celsius to 65 degrees Celsius using an electric system costs £23, whereas using the hot water module costs £6.62.

The high temperature hot water module is available in 5HP configuration, which is capable of providing 14kW of heating to generate hot water up to 82 degrees Celsius. Up to two modules can be combined per SHRMe system.

For more details, visit the product page here
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