Hoses made safe and simple


04 February 2020
Safe Seal refrigerant hoses from JAVAC Safe Seal refrigerant hoses from JAVAC

Scott Davies, UK Sales Director for JAVAC UK, tells us why the unique Safe Seal
charging hoses are the safest way to attach refrigerant hoses to a service port.

When ACR engineers are servicing refrigerant systems there is the potential for refrigerant to spray out from the service port. This can result in refrigerant loss as well as carrying a very real risk of refrigerant burn for the engineer. Designed with the user in mind, JAVAC’s safe seal charging hoses are the only hoses on the market that feature a special valve that eliminates this risk.

The ideal addition to any ACR engineer’s toolkit, the R32-ready hoses’ One-Touch design ensures user safety by securing the fitting connection before starting refrigerant flow. Engineers simply turn the single knob to tighten the fitting onto the service port. After the valve is fully connected, turning the knob pushes the internal core depressor to activate refrigerant flow from the system. Only once fully secured and sealed can the refrigerant run from the system into the hose. Crucially, thanks to the One-Touch design, refrigerant cannot spray out when connecting the hose to
the system.

The One-Touch design ensures user safety

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Safety is improved further with the hose’s safety swivel design. The innovative swivel sleeve ensures that the fitting will not come loose, even if the hose is moved about or accidentally tugged on. It also allows free rotational movement, without the fitting becoming loose. Traditionally hoses without the swivel run the risk that the fitting connection will loosen when the hose is moved, resulting in unwanted leaks.

Hose disconnection with the Safe Seal is just as safe and easy as connection. Turning the knob backseats the core depressor, closing the Schrader valve and stopping the flow of refrigerant. The fitting is then unscrewed from the port by continuing to turn the same knob. Stopping the flow of refrigerant whilst the fitting is still securely connected ensures no loss of gas. Once the fitting is safely disconnected, refrigerant inside the hose will remain safely sealed inside, unable to escape to air and can be safely recovered at a later time.

With years of engineering and servicing experience, JAVAC endeavours to deliver the best and most complete range of HVAC/R tools in the industry. Combining ease of use with safety and quality as standard, JAVAC’s Safe Seal charging hoses are set to make ACR engineers’ job easier and safer, whilst minimising the environmental impact of refrigerant gas. Innovative, high quality and efficient, the hoses are simple to transport and use, while offering JAVAC’s market-leading performance.