Honeywell Launches New Low GWP Refrigerant for Plug-In and Condensing Unit Applications


07 November 2016
​Refrigerant and chemicals manufacturer, Honeywell has a new, low global warming potential refrigerant designed for medium and low temperature standalone applications.
​Solstice L40X (R455A) is an A2L refrigeration which will have broad appeal in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry because of its suitability for use in small charge, plug-in type cabinets, condensing units, monoblocs for cold rooms and freezer rooms, small & large chillers  and heat pumps.
​Honeywell's new product has a GWP of 146 (96% lower than R404A), which means it is below the F Gas regulations ban on refrigerants with a GWP of 150 in airtight container applications. Solstice L40X, Honeywell claims, provides up to 3% higher capacity, and up to 6% more efficiency at low temperature than R404A. On flammability, the refrigerant is lower risk than propane, for example.

These HFO (Hydrofluoroolefin) refrigerants will be around for decades, as stated by Honeywell who have invested $900 million in developing them. With that, Honeywell believes they are a good, long term investment for companies who to be both environmentally friendly and efficient. 

​New Honeywell iOS app for understanding high GWP refrigerant replacements

Honeywell released a new iPhone and iPad app at Chillventa to help air conditioning and refrigeration engineers compare high and low GWP refrigerants, and understand their properties.

The app, the 'Honeywell Refrigerant Selection Tool EU', will help engineers understand a refrigerant's capacity, efficiency or global warming potential. The app has a built-in refrigerant to help engineers understand how much refrigerant to use in a system.
Also, users can find authorised Honeywell refrigerant dealers to help them comply with F GAs regulations.

Find Honeywell's new app on Google Play or iTunes and download it for free.
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