​Hitachi unveils new Set Free Sigma VRF units


19 February 2018
hitachi vrf set free sigma
Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe is introducing a new range of modular VRF units for 2018 under the Hitachi brand.

The Set Free Sigma outdoor units for 2-pipe heat pump and 3-pipe heat recovery will replace the existing Set Free VRF units and will be produced in the company’s European manufacturing facility in Spain.
Extended line-up 
Available from 5 to 24HP in a single unit module and up to 96HP with combinations, the outdoor unit casing has been completely redesigned and offers a total of seven new capacity models - 18, 20, 22 and 24HP (Standard) and 14,16 and 18HP (High Efficiency). This extended lineup achieves higher power combinations from fewer units, requiring fewer connections and delivering improved installation flexibility - meeting the needs of specifiers, installers and end users.

More combinability
All units are compatible with Hitachi’s System Free indoor range, with comfort (cold draught) protection available as standard across the range. The High Efficiency FSXNPE model combinability ratio has been extended to 150% with up to 64 connectable 0.4HP or 0.6HP indoor units.

Low environmental footprint
Using R410A refrigerant, the full Hitachi Sigma VRF range benefits from a new high efficiency DC inverter compressor for precise control by 0.1Hz increments which achieves a 4.6% increase in seasonal efficiency over previous models. Combined with a new fan design, bell-mouth fan housing and sigma-shape heat exchanger, the Set Free Sigma VRF range achieves improved efficiency even at low or partial load in cooling operation, with performances increased to achieve SEER up to 8.33 and SCOP up to 5.06.

Gboyega Obafemi, Managing Director UK & Ireland, Johnson Controls-Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS, said: “Perfect for the UK market, the new Hitachi Sigma VRF models deliver increased installation flexibility and, when combined with our changeover boxes and valves, enables both 2-pipe heat pump and 3-pipe heat recovery from a single unit for buildings where heating and cooling are required simultaneously.”

Hitachi’s new Set Free Sigma VRF range is available from Hitachi Direct Sales in the UK and Ireland and its approved distribution network.

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