Hitachi adds R513A chiller options


29 June 2022

Hitachi Cooling & Heating has expanded its portfolio of water-cooled and condenserless chillers by introducing a new eco-friendly R513A option on the RCME-WH1 and RCME-CLH1 Samurai L models.

R513A is a low GWP HFO-based refrigerant developed to replace R134a in medium-temperature refrigeration systems. Composed of a blend of HFC-134a and HFO-1234yf, it’s a non-flammable azeotropic mixture with negligible temperature glide, a GWP of 631 and a zero ozone depletion potential (ODP).

Using low-GWP R513A as an alternative to R134a, not only is the GWP reduced by 56%, the amount of refrigerant charge used in each chiller unit is also lower while the cooling capacity remains the same.

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“This an exciting development for our new Samurai L chiller models, but we can also retrofit installed Samurai RCME-WH1 and RCME-CLH1 chillers to R513A as an eco-friendly upgrade,” said Tom Hall, direct channel manager UK, Hitachi Cooling & Heating.

Hitachi’s online chiller selection tool has also been upgraded, with the HiToolKit for Industry software now including water-cooled and condenserless Samurai L units fitted with the low-GWP R513A option.