Heos aims to be natural choice


28 March 2017
​CAREL’s updated Heos system is now compatible with natural (CO2, propane) and low-GWP refrigerants.

​Heos is CAREL’s high-efficiency solution for managing refrigerated showcases that comprises plug-in cabinets fitted with variable-capacity DC inverter compressors cooled by a water loop. 
Diego Malimpensa, Business Unit Manager, said: “The availability of Heos as a refrigerant neutral solution represents a new revolution in commercial refrigeration, fully exploiting the benefits of continuous modulation ensured by the Heos system, independently of the refrigerant used, above all natural ones. 

“With this new solution, we have brought together the results of years of innovation both in the use of natural refrigerants and of DC inverter technology, in a system that maximises the benefits of both.’’
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