Heat recovery and free cooling for R32 AquaSnap


14 June 2022

Carrier has introduced high-performance heat recovery and free cooling options to its AquaSnap 30RBP air-cooled scroll chiller range on R32 refrigerant.

 AquaSnap units have a seasonal energy performance ratio (SEER) for cooling of up to 6.62, reducing indirect greenhouse gas emissions resulting from energy use. The latest heat recovery and free cooling options extend energy savings, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions over the lifetime of the equipment.

The heat recovery system enables chillers to produce domestic hot water up to 80°C, while continuing to provide cooling, useful for applications such as hotels, hospitals and industrial processes requiring hot water. The free cooling option makes use of favourable ambient and load conditions, harnessing free cooling from the environment to augment or replace mechanical cooling via the chiller's compressors, reducing energy consumption and running costs.

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Two versions of free cooling are available. Partial free cooling is designed for applications with a variable primary cooling load, such as offices and healthcare, which may also have a constant residual cooling need. Examples include computer suites or scanner facilities. The total free cooling option is designed for applications with a constant cooling need throughout the year, such as industrial processes and data centres.