Healthy buildings rental fleet launched


23 September 2021
Carrier OptiClean

Carrier Rental Systems has introduced a suite of solutions to help support healthy buildings and improve indoor air quality (IAQ).

The healthy buildings rental fleet includes solutions that can be used alone or in combination as part of a risk reduction and mitigation strategy to optimise built environments. It consists of air cleaning machines, UV-C light-based disinfection systems, and a range of mechanical ventilation equipment.

Carrier’s OptiClean Dual-Mode Air Scrubber and Negative Air Machine is a portable negative air machine, which cleans and removes air potentially contaminated by the coronavirus. It was named one of TIME’s 100 Best Inventions of 2020.

OptiClean can be operated in two modes. As a negative-pressure machine, it generates a vacuum effect in a room to limit the escape of contaminated air into adjoining spaces. Air in the room is drawn through the machine, filtered and expelled outside the building using flexible ducting. Alternatively, it can be used to support existing ventilation as a stand-alone air scrubber to reduce risks and mitigate airborne contamination.

Three model sizes deliver airflow rates of between 1000 and 2500 cubic metres per hour with a noise level as low as 51 dB(A) for use in sensitive areas such as hospitals, school classrooms, libraries and hotels.

OptiClean has two stages of filtration. An M5 pre-filter provides protection and extends its working life while H13/14 HEPA filters to European Standard EN-1822 operate with a rated efficiency of up to 99.995% at the most penetrating particle size.

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A TROTEC high resolution filtration and thermal treatment unit

Carrier Rental Systems also offers the German-made TROTEC filtration and thermal disinfection unit, which targets airborne pathogens with a F7 pre-filter followed by an H14 high capacity HEPA main filter. Pathogens captured by filters are deactivated using bursts of intense heat treatment, automatically disinfecting filter media, reducing maintenance requirements and prolonging working life. The unit helps maintain high-quality air by removing dust particles, micro-fibres and contaminants.

To broaden protection, activated charcoal filters can be used to reduce odours and absorb VOCs. Carrier offers air handling units (AHUs) equipped with UV-C lamps at strategic points inside the casing. The lamps flood the interior with UV-C light, targeting pathogens on the coil surface and drip tray.

UV-C light has been used for more than a century to disinfect public water supplies due to its ability to quickly and effectively inactivate potentially harmful pathogens. UV-C light disrupts the molecular structure of water and air-borne bacteria, viruses, spores and moulds, reducing infection risks. 

A range of commercial mechanical ventilation equipment completes the line-up. These units can be used to augment a building’s existing HVAC system to ensure adequate supplies of fresh air are introduced into the occupied space at all times to help minimise risks and improve IAQ.

Carrier Rental Systems