Haier launches Expert indoor units


11 May 2022

Haier has launched its new Expert indoor unit with UVC Pro technology, which it says raises comfort to new levels. It delivers high energy efficiency levels of A+++/A++ and is available in 2.5kW, 3.5kW and 5kW sizes. 

The range includes the new UVC Pro module which generates plasma to aid sterilisation for a healthier, cleaner, room air environment. The new UVC Pro has been independently tested by Texcell to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 at the unit to 99.991% effectiveness. The UVC Pro is also fast acting and was tested to achieve 85.208% effectiveness in a room space of 6.7m3 in only four hours. 

Haier Europe HAVC managing director Bob Cowlard said: “Innovation is at the heart of what we do at Haier. Our key drivers are bringing to market cutting edge technology and continuous research and development which allow us to deliver a smarter and healthier experience for our installers and end users. The new Expert air conditioning range employs this ethos to ensure the best in class indoor climate conditions.” 

Haier says the simple yet clever structure allows for easy maintenance and is packed with features including a fan that can be fully detached for thorough cleaning by the removal of only one screw making it easy to disassemble. There is also easy access to the PCB and motor through the internal layout, an L-shaped support kickstand and detachable bottom cover offering larger operation space for the installer and flexible two-way water drainage. 

The new systems are suitable for year-round operation with cooling and heating available from -20°C outdoor ambient. This ensures the systems are suitable for a complete range of applications.

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The range includes premium features such as Steri-Clean technology to enhance air quality in the room. This clever function provides a sterilisation effect by heating the evaporator to 56°C for 30 minutes killing bacteria and viruses. 

End-users can enjoy the benefits of Coanda Plus Airflow, which blows cool air from the ceiling to the floor in a faster and more comfortable way and also moves warm air directly to the floor – ensuring the temperature is balanced in every corner of the room. 

The Eco Sensor function detects the intensity of the light, the movement of people and level of activity in the room. The unit then automatically adjusts the temperature enabling the reduction of energy consumption.

With its smart control, the new Expert embraces the connected future. The hOn Wi-Fi function enables the user to control and manage all Haier smart appliances in the home. All basic functions – including purification and planning – can be run from the app on a smartphone, and the Expert is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa.