Güntner unveils advanced air cooler


15 September 2021

Güntner has launched what it describes as its most advanced process air cooler yet, following collaboration with customers.

Tailored to the cooling requirements in food processing rooms, industrial kitchens and other labour-intensive environments, the ceiling-mounted Process Air Cooler is designed to meet specifications provided by customers via the Vordenkerprojekt collaboration platform.

It offers comfortable air velocity and noise levels, easy cleaning and maintenance as well as an efficient design both in terms of hygiene and technical capabilities.

The cooler is optimised for low draught, which Güntner says results in hardly noticeable air velocities tin working areas, and uses highly energy-efficient EC fans that are up to 6 dB quieter than conventional alternatives. 

The system discharges the cooled air sideways, which makes it possible to mount the unit flush against the ceiling, meaning no dirt can accumulate in the intermediate space. Rounded corners have a similar effect in the thermally decoupled – and thus condensation-free – tray. Any dirt that does accumulate can easily be cleaned away using a lance, as all inside components including the heat exchanger coils are conveniently accessible.

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Defrost heaters or, for additional hygiene, UV-C lights to eliminate pathogens (including SARS-CoV-2) are available as accessories.

The Güntner Process Air Cooler has been certified according to HACCP criteria by Germany’s TÜV Süd a.