GLACIÄR MICRO supports A2L and R290 adoption


05 March 2024

SAMON says it is supporting the adoption of A2L refrigerants and R290 with GLACIÄR MICRO, a small-format refrigerant leak detector designed for integration into OEM equipment.

The recent introduction of the updated F-Gas Regulation in Europe and the AIM Act in the United States further drives the phasedown of high GWP refrigerants, hastening the adoption of A2L and natural refrigerants in refrigerated appliances and heat pumps. GLACIÄR MICRO supports both HVAC and commercial refrigeration, with typical applications including installation in heat pumps, refrigerated display cases, portable chillers and other self-contained refrigeration equipment.

GLACIÄR MICRO can detect A2L refrigerants including R454A, R454B, R454C, and R32, and is also available for R290 (propane) detection. Its infrared sensors are unaffected by false alarms due to cross-gas interference, cannot be poisoned, and have a long lifespan typically in excess of 10 years. They are also cost-effective for %LFL detection.

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Infrared sensor technology is said to be the ideal solution for A2L detection because it does not require maintenance and is equipped with auto-calibration of the zero point, protecting the measurement against offsets from baseline drift over time. This ensures stability and accuracy for the lifetime of the sensor, ensuring a 0% LFL reading where there is no leakage.

Tom Burniston, Marketing Director at SAMON, said: “GLACIÄR MICRO helps our customers safely adopt A2L refrigerants and R290 into their appliances. It is really important to us that we can provide that support as the market moves to lower GWP solutions. We have focussed on delivering a design that is simple to integrate, and uses the best sensor technology for reliable, accurate, and stable detection of A2L refrigerants and R290.”