Getting a Sporting Edge with Condair


07 February 2024

Condair RS steam humidifiers are creating the precise humidity needed in Sporting Edge’s sophisticated environmental training and research chambers.

Sporting Edge is a global leader in altitude and environmental facilities and recreates climates from around the world for sports performance training, research and rehabilitation. Clients include Premier League football clubs, universities, Olympic associations and even high-end residential homes.

Its environmental chambers accurately and consistently create conditions from -30 to +50°C, 20 to 95%RH and altitudes up to 9,000m. The company is based in the UK but carries out installations around the world, including Scandinavia, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

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Dave Vincent, Managing Director of Sporting Edge UK Ltd, said: “Altitude training is now universally recognised as a crucial tool for maximising the fitness of elite athletes in the quest for performance gains. Sporting Edge produce the most advanced environmental chambers in the world and it’s vital all parts of our system offer consistent reliability and performance. This is why we have standardised our humidity control using the Condair RS steam humidifier. It provides us with a dependable, controllable product that will happily work with standard mains water.  We also love the self de-scaling feature.”

A recent installation which incorporated a Condair RS humidifier was at Newcastle United FC. A training chamber was installed that allows the club to recreate any temperature and humidity condition the players will meet in UK and European competitions, allowing the players to refine their preparation for key matches. Alongside advanced training facilities, Sporting Edge also creates high-altitude environments for bedrooms. Resting and sleeping in a high-altitude conditions can provide positive effects for asthma and diabetes sufferers, as well as improved weight loss and cardio performance.

The Condair RS resistive steam humidifier used by Sporting Edge can control humidity to ±1%RH when used with RO water and ±2%RH when used with mains. Its patented scale collector system enables limescale to be routinely emptied, thus extending the intervals between service visits. A single unit can provide 5-80kg of steam per hour to a duct via a steam lance and models with fan units can provide up to 40kg of humidity directly to a room’s atmosphere.