GEA launches new 6-cylinder compressor


05 March 2019
GEA has unveiled a new 6-cylinder semi-hermetic compressor for large capacities in refrigeration and air conditioning.

With the HG66e series, four sizes cover the range from 116.5 to 180.0 m3/h displacement (at 50 Hz). They replace the previous 4- and 6-cylinder series HG6 and HG7. GEA now offers seven model sizes with 25 displacement stages from 5.4 m3/h to 281.3 m3/h (at 50 Hz) in the entire HG series. These are HG12P, HG22e, HG34e, HG44e, HG56e, HG66e and HG88e.
The new compressors are equipped with the latest version of the mexxFlow 2.0 valve plate system. The system consists of a valve plate with highly efficient double ring fins and an optimised system of valve plate and cylinder head. This second generation claims greater resistance and consistently high efficiency.

In addition to the valve plates, GEA says the latest generation of electric motors and improved gas flow in the compressor increase overall efficiency. All compressors use the direction-independent oil pump lubrication system, which enables a wide speed control range in operation with frequency converters. The reliable and safe oil supply is guaranteed by the single-circuit lubrication system. The resulting low oil throw increases the efficiency of the entire refrigeration system, while the easily removable oil strainer facilitates maintenance.

The improved emergency-mode operation characteristics are said to be particularly important for operation with low-GWP and natural refrigerants.

The new compressors also promise ease of servicing as the stators can be changed on site without special tools, thanks to the sliding seat.
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