Fujitsu launches new high capacity slimline VRF units


12 March 2018
inverter vrf slimline compact fujitsu air conditioning
Fujitsu has extended its Airstage J-IIIL Series VRF range with two new 40kW and 45kW outdoor units.

This increases the number of outdoor models with side discharge fans in the J-Series of standalone heat pumps to 14, with capacities from 12.1kW to 45kW.
‚ÄčThe two new side discharge units (AJY126LELAH and AJY144LELAH) have a slim profile with a low height, ensuring they are extremely compact. As a result, each product has a much smaller footprint than current models with the same output capacities.

Compared to Fujitsu’s existing Airstage V-Series 14/16HP products, for example, the new J-IIIL units are 285mm smaller in terms of depth, meaning they take up 45% less space. They are also 23% lighter in weight.

Despite the smaller footprint, Fujitsu says the optimum heat exchanger structure allows up to 40 indoor wall mounts, mini ducts, floor mounts or cassettes to be connected to one external unit. This is the maximum number of indoor units possible for a system of this capacity and Fujitsu says the new VRF systems are ideal for small room applications, including hotels and office blocks.

The J-IIIL models also feature a large, 570mm propeller fan and a 15-120rps scroll compressor, ensuring low noise levels during operation. This enables units to be installed without the need for specialist soundproofing. Plus, Fujitsu’s advanced refrigerant control technology allows for a maximum refrigerant piping length of 400m, opening up further system design and installation possibilities.

Colin Goode, Product Manager at Fujitsu, said: “These new VRF units are a fantastic addition to the Airstage J-IIIL range and we’re proud to be one of the first UK manufacturers to offer this configuration of outdoor unit in this capacity size. Their slim design offers designers greater flexibility, including the option to fit them beneath windows without blocking any views, while multiple units can also be fitted in a smaller area. Plus, ductable fans (up to 60Pa) also allow them to be installed in ventilated plant rooms, further adding to their flexibility for city centre applications, where outside space may not be available or permitted.”

For more information, visit the Fujitsu website.
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