Fujitsu Adds DX Kits to Work with AHUs and Fan Coils


12 November 2015
Fujitsu DX Kit for AHU and FCU - ACR Journal
Fujitsu DX Kit for AHU and FCU
Fujitsu has added a new range of EEVs and a control unit as a DX kit to enable Fujitsu VRF systems to work with other manufacturers' air handling units (AHU) and fan coil units (FCU). 
The DX kits can work with either the Fujitsu VRF system or to connect with a 'dedicated Fujitsu VRF outdoor unit. This can work as a 'one to one' system or for heating or cooling outside air to ventilate a building. 

There are three EEVs in the range, namely UTP-VX30A, 60A and 90A. This means a wide range of capacities and a variety of control options are available. Several sensors in the AHU or FCU precisely regulate the temperature. 

Engineers can connect capacity ranges between 5kW and 50Kw. Two EEV units connected in parallel means they can handle systems of 33kW, 40kW and 45kW.

DX/AHU control is possible through either a Fujitsu VRF system, a central controller or a BIM system. 

Fujitsu is providing training on the DX kit at its centre in Elstree. The company's Design Simulator also includes the DX kits so engineers can include them.

Colin Goode, Fujitsu's product and specification manager said:
​“We believe these new kits will prove very popular with contractors and specifiers alike, as they expand the application of our VRF systems enormously and add flexibility to the system design process as a whole.”
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