Fresh start for Seal Pro


29 August 2019
Primalec's range of refrigerant sealants is now being produced in the UK with new branding.

The company says this will lead to a shorter and more reliable supply chain for Seal Pro, the micro leak repair system for refrigerants.
Seal Pro, formerly branded Super Seal, is designed to permanently and quickly seal refrigerant leaks up to 300 microns and works with all common refrigerants. There are three versions available according to the size of the system being treated. Small for up to 5kW, medium for 5-18kW and large for over 18kW.

These sealants were originally developed under the Super Seal brand in Texas by a family-owned business, with which Primalec had a close personal relationship for many years. That relationship did continue after the family business was sold 10 years ago, but it has since changed ownership and personnel several times. “That makes partnerships harder to sustain,” according to Primalec director Richard Doran.

“Made in UK also simplifies the Rules of Origin criteria for our post-Brexit international business, so combined with everything else, bringing production in house was a no-brainer. Seal Pro is exactly the same product as before – but it is now made in the UK.

“Branding has been updated and, as it will be supplied direct from the manufacturer to the wholesaler, it will lead to greater security of supply and pricing in post-Brexit Britain.

“This is one of a series of new initiatives and products in the coming months that will help Primalec provide an even better service to our refrigeration and air conditioning customers.”
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