Fresh approach to riser cleaning


09 July 2020

Ventilation, maintenance and hygiene company System Hygienics has developed a new method to tackle riser cleaning.

The introduction of new  Grease Extract Guidance in 2019 (BESA’s TR19), requires premises to have their entire ventilation system cleaned every 3-12 months.

System Hygienic's Hot Chemical Viscosity Riser Cleaning involves pumping a heated solution of diluted chemical down into the riser and then extracting it at the bottom when it has cut through the grease and dirt around the system. 

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Owner and Managing Director, Mark Poultney, said: “We are always looking for the next solution to help our clients adhere to legislation, and to ensure their premises are safe to operate. Risers have always been a challenging area to clean – but where there’s a challenge there’s an innovation we’re yet to discover, as demonstrated!” 

For more details, visit the System Hygienics website.